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Our school currently enrols between forty to sixty new entrants each year. This is an extremely important time for both child and family and we are very keen to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible and rewarding for all. The following points are intended to help this process:


  • Please make a time to meet with the Principal.
  • You will have the opportunity to view the school with the Principal. 

To be eligible to attend school in NZ as a domestic student you must have a valid work permit, residency or citizenship.  If in doubt please contact the office and we will advise you.  You must bring these documents to school to enable us to enrol your child.

Fitzroy School has in place a Ministry of Education enrolment scheme which allows the school to manage its roll. In most circumstances, children who live outside the designated zone are not eligible for enrolment at Fitzroy School. Below is a map that shows (in purple) the zone boundary. If you are unsure if you are living within the zone please check with the school office. We will be more than happy to advise you.

On your child's first day, please call at the school office to complete the enrolment procedures.


All students who live within the home zone described below and shown on the map shall be entitled to enrol at Fitzroy School.

In a clockwise direction:

  • The starting point is the sea, at the extension of Hobson Street, and the boundary follows the coastline beyond the Waiwhakaiho River mouth to the North East corner of the Ngamotu Golf Course.
  • The Eastern boundary line is the Ngamotu Golf Course and the boundary crosses Devon Road such that 776 Devon Road is in zone. All addresses in Oropuriri Road are in zone. The boundary line continues such that Egmont Road addresses (both sides) are in zone until the intersection of Egmont Road and Dorset Road. Bishop Road addresses are in zone.
  • From the intersection of Egmont Road and Dorset Road the Southern boundary is a line such that addresses in Dorset Road and all no-exit roads off it are in zone. All Smart Road addresses are in zone. The no-exit end of Smart Road is the South-West corner of the home zone.
  • Continuing clockwise the Western boundary follows the Waiwhakaiho River towards the sea. The boundary line separates from the river such that addresses on Rimu Street, Paynters Avenue, and Barton Street are in zone. Addresses on Lismore Street are not in zone. Mangorei Road addresses up to numbers 77 (odd side) and 78 (even side) are in zone. Addresses on Northgate (SH3) are in zone, and Hobson Street is the boundary line and connects to the sea (the starting point). Courtenay Street, Devon Street East, Lucas Lane, Gill Street, Molesworth Street, Buller Street and Octavius Place addresses on the West side of Hobson Street are not in zone.


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