• Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Resilience


E.R.O. Report

Strategic Planning

Vision and Values

Innovative Learning Environmen

Vision and Values

What is important for our children and all the learners in our school is identified in our Fitzroy School Vision and Values statements.

Our Vision

Our children learning and achieving every day, aspiring for personal excellence by being .....

* Highly Literate and Numerate

* Active seekers, users and creators of knowledge

* Positive participants and contributors

* Effective users of I.C.T.

* Fit, Active and Healthy.

..... with the support of the Fitzroy Family in our safe, inclusive and culturally diverse environment.



Our Values

We will encourage, model and explore the following values .....


Respect  - Whakaute     Excellence - Hiranga


Integrity - Pono            Resilience - Manawaroa

As well as the Values in the New Zealand Curriculum.

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