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It is important that parents / caregivers ensure that their children have the necessary stationery at school so that they are able to undertake the work set in their classes.

Being conscious of the costs involved, we have ensured that the stationery lists are as economical as possible.

Stationery lists will be issued to children before the Christmas Holidays so that parents can purchase these over the holiday period.  Purchasing of stationery may be made at our stationery store in the Resource Room or from local stores. Stationery is available for sale during the last week of the school year (for the following year) and also the week before school commences for the New Year. However, stationery can also be purchased from school throughout the year.

NOTE: Sorry, but no credit is issued on stationery purchases.

Stock to replace books finished throughout the year is available through the school.


A stationery kit has been compiled especially for new entrants and is sold from the Resource Room.  This includes a number of items specific to Fitzroy School.


The sale of stationery is provided as a service to our families

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