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Health & Safety


Every endeavour is made to ensure that our school is a safe and secure environment for all our students.  However, accidents will occur from time to time.  We have in place a policy which specifies action to be taken by staff in the event of an accident.  As with all policies, this is available for your perusal from the school office.  In emergencies we will contact you. Please ensure your details are kept up-to-date with the school office.

Some sports require mouth guards.  No rugby is to be played, either formal or informal, without a mouth guard.  Parents - please ensure your child has one.


Hearing and Vision Testing

Regular visits are made to the school by trained technicians to test / restest new students and those with a history of problems in these areas.  Should you suspect that your child has a problem, please contact us at school to follow it up.  We are able to put your child into contact with the appropriate service.  Failure to identify and respond to these problems can very easily lead to difficulty and failure in class work.


Playground Equipment

Playground equipment is regularly inspected and repairs carried out promptly as required.


Public Health Nurse

We are fortunate to have the regular and expert service of a Public Health Nurse.  She undertakes the following;

  • New Entrant health checks
  • Follow up of staff concerns
  • Follow up for parents' concerns
  • Assistance with Health education programmes
  • Referral to Health Camp services
  • Referral to other health professionals

The public Health Nurse can be contacted on Ph 753 7790 extn 8780


Road Patrol

Entry to the school grounds can be gained through two gates off Barriball Street, one off Sackville Street (by the Hall) and one from Clemow Road (beside the Reading Centre).  We ask that you take some time with your children, especially when beginning at Fitzroy School, to determine the best possible route for them to travel to and from school.  At this time it is important for them to become aware of the dangers encountered enroute. Let's Go maps are available from the school to help you plan these.

Road Traffic Patrollers (trained Year 6 students) are on duty at the Barriball Street crossing at the following times:  8.35am - 8.55am and 3.00pm - 3.15pm.  If your child walks to school and needs to cross Barriball Street, please ensure he/she uses the patrolled crossings, and leaves home on time to make use of this service.


Smoke Free Environment

Our school is a totally smoke free environment and we ask all who come into the school to respect  this.  We thank you for your co-operation.


Traffic Lights

Students needing to cross Devon Street are expected to use the lights.  They should walk directly  across (not diagonally).  Parents should ensure that children are trained in the correct crossing procedures at this very busy intersection.


Vehicles in and near the school

When delivering children to school or picking them up in the afternoon, vehicles are not to be driven into the school grounds.  We have a large number of students on the move at these times and their safety, as always, is paramount.

There is also a car park outside the school gates designated for families of children with mobility/disability needs. We ask that this space is kept clear at all times so that those families are able to use this car park.  The Traffic Division of the Police Dept. monitors the "No Parking" zone at the school gates; you may not stop at any time on the broken yellow lines. In anticipation, we thank you for observing the above.



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