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General Information

Attendance and Absences

All children are expected to attend for the full school day (8.55am - 3.00pm).  If there is a specific reason not to attend for reasons other than health, please contact the school in advance.  If you child arrives at school after 8.55am, they must report to the Resource Room so that they can be recorded as present before going to their rooms. They will be given a yellow card to give to their teacher.

When children are absent for health or other reason, parents are asked to telephone the school absence line (758 3084) by 8.45am.  There is an answerphone which can be accessed at any time.  Where possible, we contact families where children are absent without explanation to ensure their safety.  If pupils are going to arrive late, we would also appreciate a call or text at this time.


We ask that parents consider the appropriateness of clothing for school.  Children take part in fitness and art activities during the day and their clothing should not hinder their involvement in any way.  Layered clothing for most of the year is appropriate, children should be able to remove clothing on warm days - it is often much warmer in the afternoon.  Please name all clothing.

School hats are compulsory during Terms 1 and 4.  These are available for purchase from the Resource Room.

Swimming togs and towel are to be brought everyday during swimming season.

Dental Clinic

Te Henui Dental Clinic  Phone 06 757 3405
74 Mangorei Rd, Strandon 4312
Located next to Scotland’s Boarding Hostel, New Plymouth Girls High School


Our school grounds are available for informal use by families and friends outside of school hours.  For more organised or intensive use, please seek approval through the Principal or Board of Trustees Chairperson. 

We are appreciative of members of the community keeping a watchful eye on our school environment and advising us of any damage or inappropriate use that may have occurred.

The school has security cameras operating to assist us in identifying anyone responsible for willful damage or inappropriate behaviour.

Lost Property

Mislaid property (particularly clothing) is gathered, stored and displayed in our Lost Property Bins - located daily in the main block corridor.  Please name all clothing items.  Named clothing will be returned where ever possible.  Please check the trolley regularly.  At the end of each term any unclaimed items will be given to charity.


We ask that children bring a healthy morning tea and lunch from home.  Drink bottles filled with water are permitted within classrooms; other drinks may be consumed at interval and lunchtimes.  Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not permitted at any time.

School lunches may be purchased from the Euro Deli in the village. These may be ordered before school at the Deli (please note - hot chips can be ordered only on Thursdays). The lunches are delivered to the school by the Deli staff and then distributed to the children.

Please make sure your child brings a packed lunch from home on school trip days.

On Fridays throughout the term, the PTA & Pita Pit  provide a healthy alternative to 'bought lunches'.  Children are asked to write their order on the Pita Pit  envelope (available from the office), enclose the correct money and place the envelope in the silver PTA 'mailbox' in the office.   Here is a link to the Pita Pit Order forms.

Toys/Personal Property

Students have in their homes a wide variety of toys, many of significant value and/or highly prized by their owners.  Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged toys at school.  We ask parents to be particularly careful with what children bring to school - it's very easy for prized possessions to be lost or damaged resulting in very upset children.

Portable electronic music players and electronc games are specifically banned along with collector cards and toys/models.

Under no cicumstances are weapons of any variety to be brought to school including toy items such as pocket knives, guns, swords etc.  If a child brings this type of item to school a parent will be required to collect it.

Cellphones are not encouraged.  Issues arise with privacy and text bullying and we strongly recommend that cellphones are not brought to school unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Children requiring a cellphone due to after school commitments and parent contact must deliver their phone to the office prior to the start of school and collect it after the 3pm bell.  Whilst all care will be taken, we do not accept any responsibility for cellphones.

Should any personal property cause probems, items will be taken forn the student for the day, returned at 3pm with the message that they not be brought along to school again.


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