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 Activity Fees

At Fitzroy School we provide a range of vibrant and engaging opportunities for students. Expenses incurred in providing these activities or events over and above the New Zealand Curriculum, including learning experiences outside the classroom, are paid for by an Activity Fee of $60 single child per annum.

Life Education $5.00; In-school performances 4 x $5.00; Puke Ariki visits 8 x $3.50; School pool $7.00

The school can only charge for additional costs of trips and activities if you have been advised beforehand and have agreed to pay them. A permission slip for this is provided and we ask that, if you are in agreement, you sign this form and your school account will be charged.

Should any parent / caregiver have difficulty making this payment, a payment plan may be set up.  Please discuss this with the Principal or Finance Manager. 

For children enrolled throughout the year, a reduced fee will be levied.  The level of fee is set at the beginning of the year taking into account projected activities.  The activity fee for the 2017 year will be $60 per child for the full year or $15 per term.

Fees can be paid directly to the Resource Room (EPTPOS available) or you can pay online via PayPal by clicking here.

For those wishing to make payment via internet banking the school account details are:

Account Name: Fitzroy School Board of Trustees

Account Number: 153944-0176525-80

Make sure you include your child's name and Room number.


School Donation

Our school welcomes your support with donations to the school.  School donations help us to provide quality education for your child, over and above standard curriculum needs. School Donations for 2017 have been set at $60 per annum for one child; $100 per annum for a family. School donations are not compulsory but you are able to claim a tax credit. If you require a receipt for this purpose, please request one from the Resource Room. We thank you for your support.



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